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College Counsel

I began advising students on their opportunities in higher education as an independent college counselor in 1988. Since then, I have advised students throughout the United States and abroad. I recognize the value of a good college education. It is about much more than the reputation and rankings of a college; it is about finding an environment that will help a student grow as much as possible and in many ways. It takes time and thought to find that compatibility of values and interests and social environment and career development, one that provides a level of comfort and confidence, and one that stretches the student in new directions and provides new challenges that will help a student grow into a healthy and productive and confident adult in a broader world. There is no good reason to rush that thought process. It just seems to be American tradition to wait until senior year of high school to race through a process that deserves more time and thought.

The college admissions process is certainly more challenging and convoluted, and in some ways irrational, than it was 30 years ago when I began this work, but the value of a good college education is as great as ever.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the college admissions process. Start early. Visit campuses, Ask questions. Write a great essay! You don't need to join a thousand clubs in high school; you are better off in many ways pursuing one or two things you really care about. Nobody likes SATs/ACTs much, but you should prepare for them because other students you are competing with will. There are some really great colleges that aren't at the top of every ranking. And, remember, that you can't always make sense of the decision a college admissions office makes about you. It is usually a very personal and subjective decision made by people you don't know, and who don't really know you. College admissions is an art, at best, and not a science. And, a college's admissions decision is not a judgment of you; it is about how their needs align with your application.

Bob Stuart


Bob Stuart is currently limiting his work to individual meetings with a limited number of students and families. At this meeting, which often lasts about two hours, they will discuss everything about the college admission process, identify some good college prospects, and answer all questions the family comes with.