Independent college counseling to help students make the most of the college opportunity. Yarmouth Educational Consultants Inc.

College Counsel Schedules

Plan 1 (Grades 11, 12)
Under this plan, Yarmouth Educational Consultants, Inc. will provide full college planning support to enable the student to complete the college admissions process successfully. This includes meetings as needed and ongoing mail, e-mail, and phone support to reach the established goals. Discussions may include: understanding college goals and needs; identifying a list of prospective colleges and continually refining this list as the student's needs, interests, and values develop; planning college visits; designing an academic resume; selecting high school courses to align with college options; preparing for SATs, ACTs, and other tests; preparing for the interview; articulating your strengths; writing a strong college essay; maximizing your chances of acceptance; understanding financial aid; and planning a career beyond college. This help often begins junior year in high school and may continue through college.

Plan 2 (Grades 9, 10, 11, and/or 12)
The Standard Plan has been successfully serving students for 25 years. But, each year Bob Stuart provides priority support for no more than ten students. Throughout a busy college application process, Priority Plan students and families will receive priority support and will get the most prompt and dedicated guidance. This plan is best for students beginning the process in the freshman or sophomore year, or for junior-year students and parents who can afford a bit extra to make sure they get all the unlimited and prompt support they need. The goal is to help the student move successfully through the college admissions process. To a certain degree, all college counseling support provided will make the process less complicated, maybe even easier, but this plan does set sights high and expects strong engagement by the student.

One Meeting
Some families just have a lot of questions about the college process, want a lot of answers, and want to work through the college process on their own. This plan includes one meeting to discuss any and all aspects of the college planning process until the family has all the information they seek. Most meetings last approximately two hours. Discussions may include: selecting high school courses, developing a list of prospective colleges that meet the current needs, interests, and values of the student, reviewing the high school transcript, planning college visits, planning for success in the college admissions process, and understanding financial aid.

Senior Plan (Grade 12)
Some students want help through the second half of the college application process. Typically, this involves help for high school seniors with college applications due within three months. Bob Stuart will offer help with college resumes, college essays, college communication, and successful navigation through the college application process for a small number of high school seniors each fall.

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